Church of St. Hedwig in Węgry



  • Address: 55-020 Węgry
The parish church of St. Hedwig was built probably in the first half of the 14th c. The building has a single nave and is made of brick with the addition of granite blocks. Originally, there were two vestibules. The church was significantly modified in the early 16th c. and in the first half of the 17th c. In 1836 it was given certain Baroque features, the roof was raised and the size and shape of the windows changed. Inside, there are three sculptures from ca 1500, frames of the Gothic triptych from the beginning of the 15th c., Baroque altars and a late-Baroque pulpit. The church is surrounded by a cemetery with a wall of chipped stone. The original gate comes from the 1st of the 16th c. On the premises, there are also two granite penitential crosses.

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