What Was Goethe Doing in Krzywina?

Welcome to another field game in Przeworno municipality in which you will discover more secrets of this land. There is no such thing as too many curious crags and forest paths! On this quest, we’ll also visit the Gromnik hill. In fact, we will start the first task at its foot. For most of the trip, we will be following the yellow and blue tourist trail, so be prepared to do some walking! In each of the four locations, we will have a handful of questions for you related to the given site. Answer them correctly to uncover the final password which will be the title of one most famous works by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, about whom you will learn during this quest. If you’re ready to set out, let’s meet on the parking lot. From there, you can go quickly and easily all the way to the top of Gromnik.


Distance 8.0 km
Duration 3:00 h