Church of the Holy Trinity in Żórawina



  • Address: 55-020 Żórawina
The church of the Holy Trinity in Żórawina is the only Gothic-Mannerist fortified church in Lower Silesia. Built in the 14th century, it is a rectangular structure of brick and broken granite. It was completely rebuilt in the early 17th c., founded by Adam Hanniwaldt, an imperial counsel, and given Mannerist features, including the sgraffito decorations. The church was built on an island surrounded by the waters of the river Żurawka. Note the partially preserved Dutch type fortifications around it. The church is oriented, single-nave, with a separate two-span chancel. The western side of the nave is adjacent to a square tower. From the south, there is rectangular porch, and on the north you will find three annexes of various sizes. Inside, there are fragments of a Renaissance polychrome, a Mannerist altar with a statue of St. Michael, an incomplete sandstone pulpit from 1597, and Rococo confessionals.

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