Palace/Manor house

The first manor house was presumably built here as early as the 16th century. A portal, among other things, has survived from the original building. Its present form is due to a thorough reconstruction performed in 1887. The mansion frequently changed its owners. Since the 17th century it belonged to the von Gfug family, then to the Hochbergs, the von Posadowskys, and in 1778 the estate was bought by Adam von Sandreczky. The last owners of the palace were the von Rohr family. After WWII the palace was the seat of the state agricultural farm (PGR) in Strzelin. Today, the palace is a private property. The reconstruction performed in the 19th century has given it a neo-baroque shape. The interior of the palace is notable for its fireplace hall with its coffered wood paneling, a ballroom with a mirrored plafond, and a representative neo-baroque staircase situated in the western wing.

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18th century palace


Cross between Ludów Śląski and Stogi

Ludów Śląski

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