The route of castles and palaces Gromnik LAG - the Northern loop

Category: Bike trip Distance: 63.2 km
A vast number of castles and palaces in the area testifies to the historical wealth of the lands. Today most of them are turned into ruins which remind us of the former greatness of the Lower Silesia region. The ones who like to search the traces of the old court life certainly will not be disappointed. The Northern loop of the route leads from Strzelin through agricultural plain areas of Równina Wrocławska to the courtyards and palaces. Although this part of the route is long the flat ground is not troublesome even for less prepared bikers. The loop starts and finishes in Strzelin where you can see one of the most interesting objects - the Dukes of Brzeg Renaissance House. You should also pay attention to the charming palace in Brzezica nicely restored in recent years but unfortunately unavailable for the visitors. Another residence which fundamental renovation has been eventually carried out is the eclectic palace in Borek Strzeliński. The palace in Mańczyce impresses with its outstanding greatness but currently it is in bad shape and almost totally ruined.