Baroque palace in Lojowice

The palace was built in the 18th century in Baroque style on a square plan. It was enlarged in mid-19th century by building an additional wing. The old part of the palace is covered by a hipped roof decorated with Neo-Renaissance dormers. The palace is enclosed by a 19th century park. In the park, there used to be a family tomb of the former palace owners, the von Carnap family. Sadly, not a single trace of it has survived. After WWII, the complex seated the office of a state agricultural cooperative (PGR). Nearby, there is a building of an unknown purpose. It could have been a coach house or an orangery. By the end of the War, the palace was on "Grundmann's list" - a list of secret hiding places where the Nazis hid cultural property from Allied bombings. However, it is not known which treasures the palace cellars stored.

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