The route of castles and palaces Gromnik LAG - the South-Eastern loop

Category: Bike trip Distance: 71.0 km

A vast number of castles and palaces in the area testifies to the historical wealth of the lands. Today most of them are turned into ruins which remind us of the former greatness of the Lower Silesia region. The ones who like to search the traces of the old court life certainly will not be disappointed. The South-Eastern loop of the route leads from Strzelin first to the south, along Oława valley at the foot of Wzgórza Strzelińskie and later crosses them to return to Strzelin, meanders on Krynki valleysurrounded by small hills. This time it is worth paying attention first of all to the grand and nicely positioned baroque palace in Żeleźnik as well as to the restored objects in Konary and Wawrzyszów. The line of the tour can be significantly reduced (omitting the court in Gębczyce) going by train from Strzelin to Henryków railway station, and then through Skalice and Bożnowice directly to Konary.