Palace and early 18th century park in Domanice

The original castle was built in Domanice probably already in the 13th century as the seat of the Knights guarding the ford on the river Bystrzyca. The present appearance was given in 1600 when it was rebuilt as a representative structure. In the following centuries the palace was rebuilt several times, and it survived until 1945. After WWII it was looted and converted into a state owned agricultural establishment. It is an L-shaped two-winged building with an imposing dome and tower with a small inner courtyard. It has retained much of its original interior design: the ceilings, walls decorated with stucco, fireplaces and stoves from the 19th century. The palace is surrounded by a dry moat and accessible by a stone bridge. The palace has brick outbuildings of the forge, stable with granary, a former coach house and a pavilion from the 18th century. Along the river extends the park established in the 18th century. Today, the property is privately owned.

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