Castles and Palaces

Category: Bike trip Distance: 128 km Duration: 5:00 h
The trail is part of a larger route linking castles, mansions and palaces located in the area of operation of the Local Activity Groups Ślężanie, Gromnik and Lider. It offers you a more than 120 km journey into the past of the region. Dozens of palaces and castles reveal the rich history of the area The journey can be started either in Jodłownik or Owieśnie, where you can visit the ruins of a Gothic castle, or from the lake Zalew Mietkowski, where you can see, among others, the great palace in Domanice. The main attraction of the trail is a fairy tale castle in Sobotka Górka. The trail is only an open proposal of a tour of the castles and palaces, and can be freely modified by selecting the most interesting sites.