The landscapes of Mietkowski lake and Ślęża Massif

Category: Bike trip Distance: 37.7 km Duration: 5:00 h Difficulty: średni
The differentiated line for all bikers is the ideal proposition for a day-long trip for less experienced and fast training for already trained bikers.

In most cases the flat asphaltic roads give lots of pleasure and enable us to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Zalew Mietkowski is of particular interest. We can take a place on its dam to have a rest and to observe the wide diversity of birds introduced there. Ślęża Massif is located on the opposite side of the route. A fairly steep but a short path runs through the massif. After asphaltic roads it is a nice change that encourages to walk through the wood or provokes the more ambitious ones to go to the top of Ślęża.