Church of Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Czestochowa in Wierzbice

Wierzbice , pl. Bożego Ciała 1
The Gothic parish church of Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Czestochowa comes from the 15th century. It is an oriented, brick, single-nave structure. The chancel is built on a square plan, buttressed, with a porch topped with a flèche on the west side. Inside, you will find a Gothic carved triptych with the scene of the Last Supper from 1592. In the walls of the chancel and nave, there are epitaphs and tombstones from the 16th and 17th c. Other decor is in the Baroque style of the early 18th c. The church and the adjacent cemetery are surrounded by a defensive wall built in the first half of the 17th c.

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