The route of churches and chapels Gromnik LAG - part III

Bike trip


  • Distance: 44.3 km
  • Duration: 4 h 3 min
  • Level: easy
  • Sum of ascentings: 213 m
  • Sum of descentings: 213 m
The long route that leads to the sacral historical places located in the municipalities belonging to Gromnik LAG should rather be divided into 3 or 4 parts and a whole day should be devoted to each part to have enough time for calm sightseeing. What else, in case of visiting churches we often see the neighboringpalaces and penitential crosses standing by the church gates. The churches that prevail on the line date back to the Middle Ages. There are also lots of baroque buildings. The most interesting sanctuaries in this part of the route are the temples in Biedrzychów and Żeleźnik or the severe stone church in Kowalów. It is worth staying a bit longer in Wiązów where the time seems to have stopped at the cobbled marketplace.

This part of the route runs among the gentle agricultural landscapes. There are no steep climbs or descents. However care should be taken on the short section from Strzelin to Biedrzychów which is the famous national road No.39 and on the next section which is the same line in Wiązów. Part III of the route of churches can be combined with Part IV in one long loop with the length of nearly 80 km.
distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.


Church of Our Lady of the Scapular in Żeleźnik
Church of Our Lady of Loreto in Wawrzyszów
St. Gotthard Church in Strzelin
St. Francis of Assisi church in Jutrzyna
St. Ursula Church in Kowalów
St. Joseph the Betrothed church in Księżyce
St. John the Baptist church in Biedrzychów
Penitential cross in Chociwel
St. Jacob the Apostle church in Brożec
Church of Our Lady the Queen of Poland in Gułów
Church in Wiązów