Church of St. Catherine in Przecławice



  • Address: 55-020 Przecławice
The church of St. Catherine was mentioned as early as 1353. The current late-Gothic structure was established at the beginning of the 16th c. In the 17th c., it was reconstructed. A defensive wall was built around the cemetery and the church, and the interior was given a Baroque look. The church is made of brick, oriented, and single-nave. From the west, there is a tower. The chancel is square, covered with a cross vault. Inside, there is a winged Gothic altar of ca. 1500 with statues of the Vigrin and Child with St. Anne, St. Barbara and St. Catherine. There is also a cup of 1604, Baroque wooden altars, and a baptismal font and pulpit from the 17th c. The tower bell is from 1726.

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