Market square in Wiązów



  • Address: 57-100 Wiązów
The market in Wiązów (pl. Wolności) is a remainder of the location of the city in 1250 (although it was first mentioned in 1155). According to the rules of urban planning of the period, the main square with a grid of streets protruding from its corners was established. The oldest building in the market is the City Hall tower. It was built in 1574-1585, in place of the original Town Hall which was destroyed by a fire. It is a Baroque building topped with a cupola with a lantern. The first town hall in Wiązów was already there in 1285. The present one is the result of the reconstruction of the building from 1646 in the 1870s. The market square is surrounded by historic houses. It is worthwhile to venture into the side streets, as the town as a whole is listed as a monument.

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