Parish church in Przerzeczyn-Zdrój

Przerzeczyn Zdrój
The church of Our Lady Queen of Poland was probably built in the 14th century. It was rebuilt several times. It is a Gothic church, oriented, single-nave, covered with a gable roof. The chancel is elongated, culminating in a three-sided tower with an onion dome and two solar clocks on the corner. From the south, there is an octagonal chapel. Inside, you will find a noteworthy Mannerist painting, a Baroque pulpit with statues of the Evangelists and magnificent wooden galleries from ca. 1630 with biblical scenes painted. An interesting monument is also the 18th century organ, crowned with statues of David and angels playing trumpets. On the outer walls and the wall surrounding the church there is a number of epitaphs from the 16th to 18th century. On the wall on the south side of the chancel there are three masks of a woman, a man and a goat, perhaps dating back to before the creation of the temple.

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