Church of St. Anne in Sobótka

Sobótka , ul.Świdnicka
Since the 13th century, the town of Sobótka was a place of pilgrimage to the miraculous figure of St. Anne, brought over in the 12th century from Kievan Rus by a princess, wife of Peter Wlast. Then a chapel was built for it, the lower parts of which have survived to this day and are part of the present choir of the church of irgin and Child with St. Anne. At the beginning of the 16th century a Gothic church was added to the chapel, and, to the east wall of the chancel - the chapel of St. Anne was added. The church was used for funeral masses and as a place of pilgrimages. During the Thirty Years' War it burned along with the rest of the city, but it was rebuilt. In 1748, the style was changed into Baroque. The last major renovations were carried out after WW II. It combines Gothic style with Baroque. Inside, note the altar from 1720, four late Gothic polychrome sculptures from the early 16th century, and the pulpit from 1726. Since 2006, the Shrine of St.. Anne is also a diocesan shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the New Evangelization.

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