By Równina Wrocławska in the surroundings of Kobierzyce and Żórawina

Bike trip


  • Distance: 42.2 km
  • Duration: 3 h 30 min
  • Level: easy
  • Sum of ascentings: 131 m
  • Sum of descentings: 132 m
The surroundings of Kobierzyce and Żórawina is the perfect area for unhasting easy bike tour. Here amid fields the route leads by peaceful roads and field tracks that do not demand you to strain and overcome steep climbs - here they just do not have. Behind the picturesque intriguing views you can find the rising far away but visible from many places the majestic Sleza mountain. There are wide open fields cut by the lines of roadside drives. There are small villages where despite the close neighborhood of the Lower Silesian metropolis the life still goes with unhurried rhythm among more than century-old houses and cobbled lanes. Finally there are interesting monuments - churches of medieval origin such as a highly valued temple in Żórawina or Tyniec Mały, as well as the former residences of the nobility and knights. There is even the original museum ... of the powering industry located in Ślęża village. The line of the tour is a loop which can be easily started and finished in the parking lot next to the palace in Kobierzyce or at the railway station in Żórawina.
distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.


Church of the Assumption in Tyniec Mały
Tyniec Mały
St. Adalbert's church in Domasław
Topacz castle
Palace park
Jougs – an instrument of imprisonment
Church of St. Joseph the Betrothed of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Żórawina
Penitential crosses
Park surrouding the palace in Kobierzyce
Treasures of the Kobierzyce region
Palace in Krzyżowice
Church in Kobierzyce
18th century palace