Searching for the pearls of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism – Gromnik LAG

Bike trip


  • Distance: 48.1 km
  • Duration: 6 h
  • Level: average
  • Sum of ascentings: 225 m
  • Sum of descentings: 288 m
On the territory of the Gromnik LAG near Strzelin Hills and north of Strzelin you can find a great number of palaces, courtyards and churches of exceptional architecture revealing the mastery of the old masters. To bring the history of the lands a bit closer we propose to get acquainted with the architectural pearls of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism which are vastly represented in the lands! For a long time in our memories remain beautiful buildings such as Baroque palace in Żeleźnik or an outstanding example of the Renaissance which is the Dukes of Brzeg House in Strzelin. There are lots of places with interesting objects to visit here, they can be easily found in almost every village. The tour is adjusted to the capabilities of most of the bikers. Almost all the time it goes on local roads without intensive traffic or even field roads, only two short sections lead to more busy routes. You can reach the starting point by train and it takes just over an hour to get from the finishing point to Strzelin through Przeworno and Jegłowa by bike.
distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.


St. Mary of the Nativity and St. Wolfgang church in Borów
Park from the 2d part of the 19th c.
St. Anthony and Lawrence church in Borek Strzeliński
Borek Strzeliński
19th century palace
Crosses near Jaksin
House of the Dukes of Brieg
Church of the Exaltation of the Cross in Strzelin
Town hall
Baroque palace
Church of Our Lady of the Scapular in Żeleźnik
St. Anthony of Padua church in Jegłowa
St. Joseph the Betrothed of the Blessed Virgin Mary church in Cierpice
18th century palace
Konary palace