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Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Tyniec nad Ślęzą
Tyniec nad Ślęzą
Geopark Przedgórze Sudeckiego
Piława Górna
Wiezyca restaurant brewery
Palace and park in Dobrocin
Kościół Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa w Wilkowie Wielkim
gingerbread factory Silesia
Celtica Winery, Sobótka Commune
Tower on Gromnik hill
Sulicamp - leisure complex
Farm ostrich
Jordanów Śląski


194 km
Churches and Chapels - LGD Gromnik
213 km 8:00 h
To meet the nature (and not only)
174 km 10:00 h easy
Castles and Palaces - LGD Gromnik
156 km 8:00 h
Treasures of the eath trail
28.2 km 3:00 h easy
Cycling to Bystrzyca Valley
44.5 km
Cycling Through History
213 km 11:00 h
In the Medieval Times
27.4 km 4:00 h hard
Historical Trail
38.4 km 4:00 h easy
Near Wroclaw
34.2 km 3:00 h easy
Around Dzierżoniow

Outdoor games


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In the Shadow of the Castle Walls
Religious puzzles in Tyniec nad Ślęzą
Palace Tales from Kobierzyce
The Heritage of the Kąty Region
Discover the Secrets of Kąty Wrocławskie
Palace Corners in Krobielowice
Nature Puzzles in Old Town Park
The Secrets of St Catherine
Film Puzzles in Siechnice
On the lake shores in Siechnice
Historic churches in Żórawina municipality
Church Stories in Domaniów
Borów Municipality, Brimming with Historic Monuments
Church Stories in Borów
From Białobrzezie to Prusy
Kondratowice Up Close and From Above
What’s New in Przeworno?
What Was Goethe Doing in Krzywina?
Which Noble Prize Winner Had Ties to Strzelin?
From the Strzelin Town Square Through the Old Town Gate
Welcome to Wiązów
Historic Monuments and Natural Beauty of Wiązów Municipality
Sacral Puzzles in Domaniów
Mystery-filled Visit to the Church of Holy Trinity
A Puzzle-Filled Carriage Trip in Żórawina
Sieniawka – History and Nature
Discovering Sobótka
Sobótka Through the Spyglass
Jaroslav Vonka and the Blacksmith’s Secrets
The Piast Niemcza
Discover the Secrets of the Lilac Village
Niemcza, the Town on the Fort
Jordanów Śląski – A Healthy Dose of History
Regional Flavours at the Foot of Ślęża
Historical Tales of Krasków Palace
Palace Stories in Jordanów Śląski
Puzzle-filled Walk Through Piława Górna
Śladami dawnych pałaców w gminie Mietków
Following the Footsteps of the Moravian Brethren in Piława Górna
The Forest Puzzles of Tuszyn
Dobrocin – The Village of Legends and Fairy Tales


  • Create a souvenir from Lower Silesia
    Nov 1, 2022 - Jan 16, 2023
  • Christmas caroling in Marcinowice
    Dec 17, 2022, 4:00 PM-8:00 PM

Local products

  • Artistic Weaving Workshop Sobótka
  • Chives farm Szczypiorki
  • Sweet Atelier gingerbread
    Maniów Wielki
  • "Agrar Magnice – Szparaga"